Mountainshack Wonderful Walking Socks

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Hiking, trekking, climbing and all the other things outdoors put a lot of demand and stresses on your feet. In particular kids are at a time in their lives when their feet are growing and developing. This means their feet are more vulnerable to injury than an adult’s feet. So it’s critical to provide effective foot protection for all of us!

Mountainshack’s Wonderful Walking Socks are made with padding to protect the feet from the forces imposed on them by hiking, backpacking and other outdoor activities that can produce blisters, pressure and impact-related injuries.

They’re made from fabrics that will wick the sweat away from the foot leaving it dry and therefore much less prone to blistering. The same fabrics also mean that the socks will dry out when washed very quickly leaving them good to go the next morning.

These socks are also used extensively by professionals who are on their feet all day long. Police, Military, Traffic Wardens - They all love them and get hours of use out of them.

Over 25 years experience of involvement in Outdoor youth education means that we know this works on the hill.

New design, like all Mountainshack products, made to work on the hill. A lifetime of experience goes into each Mountainshack product.