Lets all help at Christmas!

Lets all help at Christmas!

This story has really touched me. Let's all give these lovely people the Christmas they deserve. 10% of every sale from www.mountainshack.com will go towards funding the required treatment. Treat yourself and your family to great product at clearance prices and help this family enjoy Christmas! Please share this and let's knock that £2000 on the head and have some left over for further treatment!

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Life Limiting or Life Threatening? 
Will my wife become paralysed?

This year has been the happiest year of our life and the scariest too! After a long struggle my wife and I finally became parents, and we couldn’t have been happier. Until at 36 weeks pregnant my wife’s specialist disclosed his fears, that my wife condition could be life threatening rather than life limiting. He fears that Pip may have one or more components of the triad comprising Chiari Malformation, craniocervical instability and/or tethered cord associated with her chronic health condition.

You see my wife has a condition called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome causing faulty collagen that we only believed to be life limiting. Until now Pip has had a full and exciting life, serving in the Royal Navy, studying to be a nurse as well as an extraordinary amount of volunteer work. She became a qualified leader in scouting and guiding, ran a soup kitchen for 2 years, has sponsored many family’s through Christmas’s and back into employment. When Pip sees a family or a person in need, she can’t help but help, does collections, donates her things and she’s even give the shoes from her feet! She is an amazing, inspirational person as well as a new mum.

My son needs his mother, and if she does now have a life threatening condition, I need to know so I can get her treatment. NOW

So I’m asking our network of friends to please help us.

Unfortunately the scan required for diagnosis is an ‘Upright MRI Scan’ of the cervical lumber spine which will establish if she has any of these conditions. This comes at a steep cost and adding on travel to the Medserena Scanner and to see the UK specialist after the scan we need to raise £2000. 
The have run out of time to continue the fight for funding, meaning we are now trying to scrap together the funding required to get the scan done ASAP

Pip wants to enjoy being a mum, but as you can imagine; with this hanging over her head it’s a very emotional time.

If you can make a donation or help with a fundraiser, we would appreciate it so much.
You can make donations via PayPal on homecare4pip@gmail.com
Or via go fund me www.gofundme.com/help4pip

After everything that has been thrown at her over the last 6 years she has fought through to defy all odds. She’s living every second to the max, even starting her little business from home 3 years ago (Pip’s Embroidery UK) when many people would have just given up on employment. She deserves to know, so that she has the chance to try and seek a treatment.

Please help my wife, my sons mum.
John & Harrison